Bio-Revitalizing and Firming Solution 10×5 ml

Sterile cosmetic solution formulated with a blend of natural extracts indicated for the treatment of visible symptoms of localized cellulite. It contains a series of plant extracts with anti-cellulite effect, emptying the intercellular space and accelerating lipolysis. It has a wide range of benefits in stimulating lipolysis (release of fat from cells), improving lymphatic drainage, protecting capillaries and blood vessels, and accelerating collagen production with a skin-tightening effect.

Firming Solution 10×5 ml

It is widely used in the treatment of all forms of cellulite and in the reduction of localized fat. Caffeine stimulates and interferes with the lipolytic process by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase and increasing CAMP.

Firming Solution 10×5 ml

DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) is a sterile cosmetic solution that is the precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which provides instant skin tightening. DMAE improves skin tone and increases the tensile strength of the skin, reduces the appearance of sagging, lines and wrinkles on the surface with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Moisturizing and Firming Solution 10×5 ml

HYALURONIC ACID 1%, a biotechnological ingredient with improved efficacy compared to normal hyaluronans, Cube 3® focuses not on a specific molecular weight, but on the efficacy of a series of fractions that work in synergy naturally found in the body. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lipolytic Solution 10×5 ml

L-CARNITINE is a natural and main component responsible for energy production in the mitochondria of the cell. Its specific action is to transport fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane where beta oxidation occurs and hence burning fats as an energy source for the cell. The more L-Carnitine found in the tissue, the more fat can be burned. Along with sports activities, it can contribute to decrease body weight and increase energy. It is used in cellulite and localized fat reduction treatments.

Drainage and Skin Brightening Solution 10×5 ml

It is used in all stages of cellulite reduction as it helps to reduce capillary permeability and swelling by improving lymphatic drainage and activating venous flow. It has a wide range of benefits for dermal health and can be used on any area of ​​the face, body and scalp.

Lipolytic Solution 10×5 ml

It is a sterile cosmetic solution that stimulates lipid breakdown, mobilization and elimination. Thanks to the combined action of its components, PPC and Sodium Deoxycholate, it activates lipase, which reduces the synthesis of triglycerides while increasing fat solubility.

Refreshing Solution 10×5 ml

Silinol (Organic Silica) is one of the most important components of the body’s adipose tissue. It is found in macromolecules and structural glycoproteins. It has antioxidant effect. Fibroblast induces mitosis. Binds moisture and increases microcirculation.

Anti-Cellulite Solution 10×5 ml

It has a lipolytic and purifying effect. The lipolytic effect occurs to promote the synthesis of NAD and NADP-NADH2 coenzymes, which are involved in anabolic processes in adipose tissue and liver, are mainly used in the synthesis of fatty acids. Its purifying effect stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, which reduces excess fluid retention in the tissues and reduces swelling and puffiness.

Revitalizing and Antioxidant Solution 10×5 ml

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the structural support and elasticity of the skin, and is an important catalyst for important metabolic processes.

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